As it is a legal requirement to keep accurate and consistent financial records, whatever the size your business, even as a sole trader you need to consider how you are going to manage your bookkeeping.

Perhaps you have a very simple business model and don’t really need a bookkeeper on a regular basis.  But maybe you are not sure what the legal requirements are, or the easiest way to manage your books.  The Bookkeeping Health Check service would be ideal for you.

MCB Accounting Services Ltd (MCB) will help you to set up processes and systems to get you started, train you on any software you decide to use and to simply be on hand for any queries or issues, or for your annual self assessment return.  This will empower you to manage your own bookkeeping, secure in the knowledge that you are following all the legal requirements.

One size does not fit all - we will provide a service to meet your individual needs.

You will have a service tailored to meet your individual requirements, whether that is simply a one-off health check and system set-up, a full quarterly bookkeeping service, or something in between.


Efficient bookkeeping systems will save you time and money, ensuring you are claiming all the expenses you are entitled too.  As a result, this will make your self assessment return much easier to manage thus avoiding unnecessary stress and accountant costs.


Alternatively, if you are VAT registered, maybe you would like someone to manage your VAT return each quarter?  Once a quarter, you would send off all your receipts, invoices and bank statements to MCB and have your VAT return completed for you by a qualified professional.  No more late nights after a full day of work dealing with your books.



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